Dragonfly™ Screen Techonology

Increase the possibilities in your home or office space.

Fixed screens

Ideal for home theaters, training rooms and other spaces that require a dedicated screen to delivers premium viewing and professional-grade performance.

Velvet-Wrapped Aluminum Frame

Every Fixed Projection screen features an aluminum frame that is hand-wrapped with VelTX™ black velvet, providing an elegant finish that absorbs any overscan and provides the perfect theater experience. The beveled 3¼ in. aviation-grade aluminum offers maximum durability and strength, all presented in an attractive package.

Quick Connect Technology

Dragonfly™ screens have been engineered with a quick connect technology that allows installers to easily attach the screen to the frame – and it provides an ultra-tight, wrinkle-free surface for a lifetime of image perfection.


Dragonfly™ fixed screens include our Set-n-Lock™ mounting system, which features pre-measured tethers that connect the single top and bottom installation bars to allow for a simple and strong fit. Clips secure the screen to the bottom rail, keeping it snug to the wall and safe from prying fingers.

Motorized Screens

Smart, simple operation lets you lower the screen to give presentations, watch a big game, and indulge in the latest Hollywood thrillers. Then when you want to access what’s behind it – whether it’s a white board, dart board, or a favorite wall hanging – raise the screen and it’s completely out of the way.

Tab Tension

A TabTite™ tensioning bar with adjustable string tensioning knobs helps keep the screen’s surface flat and wrinkle free, no matter how many times it is raised and lowered. That means you get premium performance you want, plus the convenient motor functionality needed to remove it from sight when not in use.

Whisper-Quiet Motor

If you aren’t the one pushing the button to lower the screen, you’ll barely notice what’s happening. Dragonfly™ Motorized Projection Screens feature a top-of-the-line tubular motor that provides quiet and reliable operation day in and day out. With an average drop time of 13 seconds, lag time is minimized – and you get a variety of simple control options for raising and lowering the screen.

Easy Control Options

There’s no guesswork or complexity involved when it comes to controlling a Dragonfly™ motorized screen. Each model comes standard with the most popular control types: RS-232, IR, 12V trigger, and keypad. That means you can control the operation of the screen by using a control system, a switch on the wall, or a simple remote.